Man Calls Police Because He's Unhappy With Craigslist Stripper

A man in Orange County, CA, was so displeased with the sexy dancer he’d contacted through Craigslist that he felt compelled to contact the local police when she refused to provide a refund.

According to police, they were called to the home of the man around 4 a.m. on Monday by the man, who explained that he’d hired a woman through the online classified ad site to come out and do a “sexy dance” for him, but that she’d left with the cash and without, “providing proper services.”

The man had agreed to pay the woman $200 cash up front, but when she showed up and he felt that she looked older than the picture that had been posted to the site, he attempted to back out of the deal.

He claims he offered the not-as-sexy-as-he’d-hoped dancer $20 in gas money for her troubles, but she opted to keep the agreed-upon $200 and hit the road instead.

I like the way the OC Register wrote up the rest of the story, so I’m just going to let them tell it:

The man – whose mother was there and was “angry about it as well” – decided not to file a report.

Police said no one was arrested because there is no law against a “sexy dance.” Deputies did not make contact with the woman from the ad, and it appears she kept the money, police said.

So who do you think is in the right here?

Sexy dancer too old, man tells police [OC Register]

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