Sick Of Losing Out To GameStop, Best Buy To Accept Video Game Trade-Ins

With average prices of around $60-$70 for a new title, video games are a pricey prospect, especially for skilled gamers who can finish some games in an afternoon. GameStop and others have capitalized on this buyer’s remorse by buying back used games, the money for which is often spent immediately at that same store. Tired of watching others capitalize on this model, Best Buy has announced a plan to allow customers to trade in their old games.

So after you’ve leveled up to 60 and beaten Mass Effect on hardcore twice, you can take the game in and, instead of cash, you’ll get a Best Buy gift card.

No specific start date has been given for the program, other than to say it will begin later this summer.

Best Buy to Start Trade-Ins of Used Video Games in U.S. Stores [BusinessWeek]