Come November You Will Be Able To Search Netflix Streaming Content Via Xbox

Netflix-streaming Xbox 360 players will have one less reason to be jealous of Roku owners come November. At the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced it will let Netflix users search and add streaming movies and TV shows through the console, bypassing the need to do it the old-fashioned way on a computer.

It’s good news, sure, especially for those like me who watch Netflix online almost exclusively through the 360. But it’s sort of pathetic that it’s taken this long to happen given that search functionality is such a basic expectation.

Microsoft’s E3 announcements were far from earth-shattering, although ESPN’s announcement that it will stream live events on the console was pretty cool. We’ll see if Nintendo and Sony can do better at their press conferences today.

E3 10: Netflix search functionality coming to Xbox 360 [Destructoid]

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