McDonald's Blows Off My Food Poisoning Concerns, Loses A Customer

Personal finance blogger Carrie on the Cheap believes her McDonald’s breakfast knocked her off her feet with possible food poisoning. She didn’t check her sickness out with a doctor but didn’t need medical advice to decide that the meal made her feel so bad she’ll never eat there again. She brought her complaint to the restaurant’s management but feels she wasn’t taken seriously and has yet to even get her money back.

From her blog:

She tells me that she’s never dealt with this type of situation before (which is odd, because it seems that 2 out of 3 people have experienced food poisoning from this place) and told me to hold on while she consulted with her Mickey D’s posse.

Well, apparently, McDonald’s doesn’t have a” “Hold” button on their phone because I managed to hear a couple juicy sound bites from the posse’s infinite wisdom.

* “Did she go to the doctor?” (again, NO!)
* “Then, how does she know that she’s sick?” (Seriously?!!)

After the brilliant advice that the manager’s posse bestowed unto her, she returned back to me on the phone.

She told me that she’d have to send me information to the corporate office and that they’d call me back soon with some more questions (I’m assuming along the lines of “have you been to the doctor?”).

It’s been several days and McDonald’s has yet to get in touch with Carrie. I’m thinking gift certificates won’t do the trick, but she does mention she’d like to get a refund on the $2.50 she spent.

Swearing Off McDonald’s For Life! [Carrie on the Cheap]

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