AT&T Site Sells iPhone Plans For $30 Cheaper Than Apple Site

On the hunt for the best iPhone 4 plan price he could find, Josh says he found plans to be much cheaper on the AT&T site than through Apple. Unless his findings were some sort of fluke it seems like a no-brainer that prospective customers should visit the former rather than the latter.

He writes:

I have never had a smart phone before and have been considering signing up with AT&T to get the new iPhone 4. In researching their FamilyTalk plans, though, I’ve found a huge price difference between the price on the AT&T Wireless site and the Apple Store.

You can only preorder the iPhone through the Apple store, so I went there and the lowest priced family plan they have listed (for the currently available 3GS) is $99.99/mo for 700 minutes. On the AT&T Wireless site, though, they list a 550-minute plan for $59.99 and the same 700-minute plan is just $69.99…a $30 difference!

I spoke with an Apple salesperson, who couldn’t explain why there would be a difference and couldn’t tell me which rate was correct. I couldn’t get any explanation from AT&T either.

I’d like to preorder the iPhone next week, but not at the plan rate shown on the Apple Store. Any ideas?

iPhone owners, are you finding the same price discrepancies?

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