Should People Be Allowed To Shop In Swimsuits?

It’s summer (at least in the northern hemisphere), which means people of all shapes and sizes wearing all shapes and sizes of bathing suit. That also means that some of these people in swimsuits will also attempt to enter stores and restaurants. But now, even in places with historically liberal views on showing skin, there’s a backlash against sporting a bikini anywhere other than the beach.

The above image is showing up more and more in the Spanish seaside town of Barcelona, where the city has told restaurant and shop owners that it’s within their rights to not serve folks in their bathing suits.

In fact, the mayor of Barcelona has reportedly sent out e-mails encouraging business owners to download and print out the sign.

Said a rep for the city: “We want to make people understand that it’s an attitude that we don’t like, that it’s not banned or punishable but that it’s something we don’t think is civil.”

And on the Caribbean island of Grenada, you could be fined up to $270 for sporting your bathing gear away from the beach.

Having visited Rio de Janeiro, where one can’t help but notice the number of tanned retirees flaunting their business in barely there bikinis and Speedos, I’m wondering if these laws might not be such a bad idea…

Anyway, we want to know what you think? Are stores right to not want skimpy swimsuits in their places of business? Is it going to far for municipalities — especially resort areas — to penalize people for their outfits?

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