I Bought A Banned Playstation 3 On Craigslist

Patrick writes that he bought a used Playstation 3 on Craigslist, which Sony has banned from the Playstation Network forever. Why? Sony can’t tell him. Will the console ever be allowed back on the Playstation Network? Nope. Even with the change of ownership? Nope. Funny how the seller forgot to tell Patrick this.

I purchased a ps3 from craigslist. Played it and even got online before I bought it to make sure it worked. I have never owned a ps3 before so I went to sign up for a playstation network account and it gave me a message saying “you cannot use playstation network from this account”. So I spoke to a very friendly customer csr and she told me that the console had been banned from the PlayStation Network and that it was impossible to remove the ban.

Of course the Craigslist person is not returning Emails which doesn’t surprise me. I offered to do anything asked to prove it wasn’t me and if it was some sort of monetary issue I would be willing to resolve it. I was told it was like buying a used car as is. The problem with that analogy is that I test drove the console and it mechanically works perfectly.

Although I take issue with the seller, I can’t believe Sony would instill a policy that leaves people wide open to getting scammed when they are buying a 100% working console. I just sent a follow up Email pleading for help but I have not gotten a reply yet. Am I wrong in thinking this is an unthinkable policy?

Following Sony’s analogy, it’s more like they banned a car from the road because the previous owner’s license was suspended.

It sounds like the seller is unreachable…which is infuriating, but not surprising. Other readers have found Sony to be responsive to Executive E-mail Carpet Bombs in the past. We also hear that Jack Tretton, President and CEO Sony Computer Entertainment America, likes to hear from customers.

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