Did Target Adopt This Sorbet?

In the Super Target at St. Charles, IL, there is a forgotten container of sorbet that is damaged, missing a seal, and over a year past its expiration date. Keith says it’s been sitting there by itself in the freezer case for at least four months now. He and his wife say hi to it whenever they shop there.

During our trips to the St. Charles, IL Super Target in the last four months, my wife and I have noticed a single Archer Farms blueberry lavender sorbet on the shelf. They appear to have discontinued this flavor, as we’ve only seen the single item for quite some time. The package is extremely damaged and I don’t see why anybody would ever take a chance and purchase this sorbet, especially since the standard plastic seal is absent from the product.

Today, I looked at the expiration date and found yet another reason why somebody may not want to buy this – it’s 14 months expired. I would have thought there would be a red clearance sticker on something they want to get rid of so bad.

060710-004-sorbet-2.jpgIf you shop at this Super Target, be sure to give the forgotten sorbet a visit. It would probably enjoy the company.

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