What Would You Do If You Found A Bag Containing $18,000?

Earlier this week, a pair of sisters in Utah were heading to their car as they left a Macey’s grocery store (not to be confused with the similar-sounding Macy’s department store) and discovered a plain duffel bag containing around $17,800 in cash and nothing to identify the owner. Did they go on a shopping spree? Bury it in the back yard? Nope; they called the police.

Ultimately the authorities were able to track down the rightful owner of the bag (and presumably the cash) — a local car salesman who said the money was from recent used car sales. He had actually contacted the police and the store on his own in his desperate search to recoup the money.

As a thank you to the good Samaritans, the bag’s owner reportedly gave each of them a reward of $250 each.

Question is: What would you have done with such a discovery?


Sisters return $18,000 found stuffed in duffel bag [Fox 13 via Philly.com]

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