Survey: 15% Of Drivers Getting Their Swerve On While Driving

From cell phones to stereos to billboards to those pesky other vehicles on the road, driving a car comes with a whole host of distractions. A new survey attempts to quantify just how many people are being distracted by the various and sundry things vying for drivers’ attention.

The online survey, conducted by cell phone headset makers Jabra, came up with some interesting — if not terribly scientific — results.

Among the more lurid: 15% of respondents admitted to having “performed sex or other sexual acts” while driving, though what exactly “other sexual acts” means is left to the filthy part of your imagination. And, as the folks at pointed out, the survey required no proof of respondents’ carnal car exploits.

Meanwhile, 35% of those surveyed said they had changed articles of clothing while in the driver’s seat. One would have to guess that at least some of these people belong to the 15% mentioned above.

On the high end, 72% of respondents admitted to eating or drinking a beverage while behind the wheel.

Though just about everyone has used their cell phone in the car, only 1/3 of those in the survey use a headset of some sort. Also, despite being illegal in more than half the U.S., 28% say they have texted while driving; 12% confessed to reading and sending e-mails.

More frightening, at least to me, are the 5% who admitted to having played video games during a driving session. I just hope they weren’t playing MarioKart.

Says a dude from Jabra’s parent company:

It is truly unbelievable what people are doing while driving… The results of our survey show that so many people are distracted and doing other things while on the road — even though they know the consequences that can occur. We hope that people will soon understand the implications of these bad behaviors and will change their own behavior accordingly.

Of course, part of “changing their behavior” would mean “buying more Jabra headsets.”

Which of these risky behaviors do you exhibit? Do you do something dangerous that didn’t make the list?

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