Walmart T-Shirt Sports Inverted American Flag

If you’re easily offended by misrepresentations and abuses of the American flag, retailers will funnel plenty of hate fuel your way — crotch flag underwear, anyone? xAaronx took issue with this shirt he spotted at Walmart, which has a picture of a flag with the stars in the wrong corner. Not the most patriotic thing to discover on a Memorial Day, when xAaronx wrote us.

He writes:

I’m not sure if you are the proper venue for this, but I wanted to get the word out and what better day to do so than Memorial Day? Last week, I was in one of their stores. I avoid the place as much as I can, but some out of town friends wanted to go. As we were wandering around, I noticed a shirt. It has a US flag, along with some words on it. But what caught my eye is the flag is printed backwards.

I was very bothered by this. Wal-Mart touts that they support America and its values, but yet carry a shirt that is an embarrassment and is disrespectful to the flag. This shirt made its way through the company, and either no one there noticed it, or no one there cared. I would love to get this shirt pulled from their stores. I have tried contacting Wal-Mart directly through their product feedback system but have not received any response. I figured maybe enough Consumerists would care to contact the company and see if we can accomplish that.

What bastardization of the flag most offends you?

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