Need To Rent A Car Without A Credit Card? Try A Small Local Place

Marketplace took a look at Just 4 Wheels in New Jersey, where you can rent a car with just a debit card or even cash — if you put down a $250 deposit.

In addition to the deposit, you need to bring a recent pay stub and a utility bill. Then you’re out the door.

GREGORY WARNER: When Leslie Weller answers the phone at this family-owned car rental agency in Berlin, N.J., she always gives people another option if they don’t have a credit card.

WELLER: If you’d like to rent with debit card or cash? You just need to bring your most recent pay stub and your most recent utility bill with you.

Leslie is the manager here at Just 4 Wheels.

WELLER: Yes, mmhm.

She says if you want to rent a car with cash, you have to put down a deposit of $250.

WELLER: A lot of people don’t qualify for a major credit card, or maybe they don’t believe in credit cards. For whatever reason, we’re able to get a wider range of people to be able to rent with us.

The strategy of letting people rent without credit cards seems to be paying off. Marketplace says the manager of Just 4 Wheels was hoarse from taking orders.

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