Target Just Can’t Stop The Crazy Prices

Sure, we’ve explained the apparent insanity of Target’s prices, but the crazy just keeps on coming. Here are a few examples from our stuffed-full Target is Crazy mailbag.

Floyd found this instructive example of why it’s always better to buy in bulk… but not for the reason you’d think. Yes, that’s one pound for $1.74, and three pounds for $1.69.


Tracey found these cans of shaving cream that offer the opposite of bulk discounts.


We now know the reason for wacky “instant substitutes” at Target, but it’s still funny to imagine swapping your chair cushion for a bug zapper.


Finally, Dane wants to know what makes the 8-ounce bottle of French’s yellow mustard so special.


He writes:

I can’t see the difference between the smaller (8oz/1.17) and larger
(14oz/1.12) besides the chance to win $25,000 and a 5 cent discount
for buying more? Target’s lost it again…

Yes. Yes, they have.

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