Taco Bell Escalates Cheap Food War With $2 Value Meals

Not to be outdone by the proliferation of dollar menus and $10 pizzas, Taco Bell has announced $2 value meals. Yes, for a mere $2, you will soon be eating a taco or burrito, a medium soft drink and a bag of Doritos.

And now, my favorite part of a Taco Bell post, the quote from the Curiously Australian President of Taco Bell, Greg Creed:

“If we just tossed a pebble into the pond, the ripple wouldn’t find its way to shore,” explains Greg Creed, [curiously Australian] president of Taco Bell. “We’re throwing a boulder into the pond. This will be a disrupter in the marketplace.”

Taco Bell’s marketing guy declined to explain how Taco Bell could afford to offer this deal.

“Our customers really need us now,” David Ovens, marketing chief told USAToday. “They love the fact that we’re doing this — even if they can’t understand how.”

Will you eat these?

Taco Bell’s new $2 Meal Deals set new standard for fast food [USAToday]

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