Beer Sales Drop, Brewers Scramble For Your Beer Money

In the past month, sales of premium light beers fell 11%, reports Advertising Age. Instead of light Coors, Miller, or Bud brands, people have been buying cheaper brews like PBR, or saving up for fancier brands. But we’re not just spending our beer money differently–we’re also drinking less of the stuff. Well, not me. But someone’s cutting back.

Industry shipments are down 4%, according to the Beer Institute. Several factors play into the trend, key among them the recession. MillerCoors Chief Marketing Officer Andy England said that unemployment remains particularly pronounced among the 21- to 35-year-old men who are the primary targets of beer companies, and also among Hispanics, another key segment. In many cases, they’re opting for cheaper brews, or saving their consumption for a special occasion by splurging on craft-style beers. As a result, the “premium” lights are being squeezed by moves in both directions.

Because of this, you can expect to see even more ads this summer from the big brewers, and possibly other eye-catching nonsense like special bottles, promotions, or contests. One example coming up is the Miller Light “Vortex Bottle,” which aerates the beer as you pour it and supposedly makes it taste and smell fancier.

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