Guess Who Said It?

Let’s play a game. Can you figure out who said the following? “You’re a loser. Why don’t you just jump in front of a train?” “You a f***ing thief, you know. “I’m gonna find you and you gonna be walking like a b***h on the side of the street.” “I’m the guy who’s gonna end your life. That’s who I am.” Find out the answer after the jump!

ANSWER: That’s right, debt collectors! Those were real recorded quotes from real debt collectors calling people up and using verbal bullying to get people to pay up.

When dealing with abusive debt collectors, it’s important to know your rights, file complaints with your state AG and FTC, possibly hire a consumer lawyer, and if they’ve violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can file a small claims lawsuit and get paid in cash for their harassment.

Getting Abusive Debt Collectors Off Your Back [CBS]

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