Is American Airlines Cramming More Rows Into Its 737?

Airlines hear complaints from customers all the time that planes offer too much darn leg space. Paul brings promising news on that front. He noticed a discrepancy in the seating charts in his returning and departing American Airlines flights that indicates the airline is adding two rows to its 737s around June 14.

He says it will make an already crowded aircraft even more cramped.

He writes:

I’m a road warrior and fly every week from Dallas DFW to Orange County SNA for work. I’ve been doing this trip for about 6 months so I know the drill. Every week I book my ticket for about 3 weeks out to get the best fares and to get the seats that I like. My preference has been to sit in row 14 as that is the second exit row and the seats can recline. This week I went to book my ticket for the week of June 14th and I noticed that on my outbound flight (to SNA) 14 was the 2nd exit row, however on my return flight which is June 17th row 15 is the 2nd exit row. I figured it must be a mistake or something and checked around. It looks like American is adding in 2 rows to the 737 on or about June 15th. Previously there were only 28 rows on a 737 but now there will be 30. As someone who flies on the plane every week, I can tell you, it isn’t very roomy in coach as it is. When they add two more rows it will definitely suck.

If true, passengers should get an even better chance to smell the lovely perfume, deoderants — and lack thereof — of nearby seatmates.

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