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Older Model Samsung Phone Disregards Plane’s ‘No Smoking’ Signs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is currently under recall following reports of smoking and exploding batteries, but as we noted in previous stories on this matter, consumers have raised similar overheating and smoking concerns about earlier Galaxy devices. Now comes a report that the battery on a Galaxy Note 2 began to smoke during a commercial airline flight.  [More]

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JetBlue Buys $3.6B In New Planes; Are Flights To Europe Next?

Four months after JetBlue failed to win over Virgin America and gobble up routes in California, the carrier is considering ferrying passengers across the Atlantic instead.  [More]


Please Stop Flying Your Drone Anywhere Near A Commercial Jet

Recreational drones have grown in popularity in the last few years, and there are officially more registered drones than aircraft with pilots. Here’s the problem, though: even a tiny drone can cause serious problems if it crosses the path of a jet. While a plane-drone accident hasn’t happened yet, there have been some close calls, and no one wants to find out what would happen. [More]

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NASA Is Working On A Project To Make A Quieter Supersonic Passenger Jet

Sitting in economy class with your knees jammed up to the seat in front of you, fighting for armrest territory with your elbows as weapons, you may have found yourself wishing that your flight would somehow just be over with faster. That’s the future NASA is working on now, with a goal for a “low boom” supersonic jet that could carry travelers to any city in the world in six hours or less. [More]

Southwest Airlines Receives Yet Another Fine Related To Aircraft Repairs

Southwest Airlines Receives Yet Another Fine Related To Aircraft Repairs

Southwest Airlines faces yet another aircraft repair related fine — this time for $325,000 — from federal regulators after flying an airplane too long after it had received temporary repairs. [More]

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GAO Report Finds Airplanes With WiFi Connections May Be Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Just as a report found in early February that the newest models of connected cars aren’t adequately guarded from security and privacy hacks, a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found the same issue currently plagues another transportation segment: flying. [More]

Is American Airlines Cramming More Rows Into Its 737?

Is American Airlines Cramming More Rows Into Its 737?

Airlines hear complaints from customers all the time that planes offer too much darn leg space. Paul brings promising news on that front. He noticed a discrepancy in the seating charts in his returning and departing American Airlines flights that indicates the airline is adding two rows to its 737s around June 14. [More]


Last year was the safest year to fly in more than four decades, says the private Aircraft Crashes Record Office (ACRO). Hmm—maybe United has just been trying to take the record for safest flights by cancellng them all. [Reuters]