Nutella Loves Loyal Customer Back, Sends Merchandise Variety Pack

Kevin discovered something totally awesome about Nutella. Maybe they were being generous, maybe he sent them such a stack of seals that they couldn’t help but reward him. Or maybe this was all a massive Nutella Store mixup. Whatever the case, Kevin has a huge pile of Nutella merch and a renewed love of the company.

To make a long story short, I was eating breakfast a few months back (Nutella on toast of course) when I wondered if Nutella had T-shirts. You see, I am one of those lame guys who likes to buy different T-shirts, the geekier the better and what would be better than a Nutella T-Shirt (rhetorical question, please no suggestions, I already admit I am lame, ok?). Anyway, I jumped onto the InterWebs and found not only does the company offer T-Shirts, but they are FREE*. Free being that I had to send in the “gold seals” from each container but Shipping and Handling was covered by Nutella. Since I eat tons of the hazelnutty stuff, I considered this a great deal.

After some perusing of their site I decided to get a coffee mug and 2 “Nutella Spreaders” (read plastic Nutella knives) instead of the T-Shirt as they would last longer and are arguably much “cooler” (think Red Swingline). Anyway, after sticking my “gold seals” in the mail and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my x-ray glasses, I mean coffee mug/knives, the package arrived yesterday. But get this, not only did Nutella send my coffee mug and the two plastic utensils I ordered, but every other item they offered in the store as well!!!! That’s right, EVERY ITEM, including T-Shirts in every size (I can only assume because they had no idea what size would fit).

Anyway, I was TOTALLY amazed at this generosity and have repeated this story to family, friends, and coworkers all day. That in itself was worth it for Nutella, I only wish more corporations acted like this. I am a customer for life, there are no substitutes for the “Original Hazelnut Spread”…