Lost Finale Had 107 Commercials: More Than 45 Minutes Worth

So, Lost ended, as you may have heard, and you also may have heard your friends complaining about the number of commercials that were in the finale. EW says there were 107 of them in 2.5 hours — or more than 45 minutes worth.

From EW:

ABC packed roughly 107 spots — or more than 45 minutes of commercial and promotional time — into the two-and-a-half-hour Lost series finale, according to our (very unscientific but pretty reliable) count. Just when the finale would unveil a major plot point, a break would occur featuring anywhere from five to 11 ads and/or sneak peeks for fall shows on ABC. Granted, some of the spots were extremely clever (Target used images of the island’s smoke monster to peddle fire detectors) but numerous, nonetheless.

EW says the typical hour of show will have 18-20 commercials — whereas the first hour of Lost had 37!

Did you notice the difference? We sure did.

Lost series final carried more than 45 minutes of commercials [EW]

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