Worst Phone Ever Wants You To Help Sue Apple and AT&T

Tired of dropped calls? Want to do something about it? If you’re an iPhone user, Worst Phone Ever wants you to send in your dropped call logs, with the goal of starting a class-action lawsuit against Apple and AT&T after it’s collected enough of them.

The site provides information to help you find your dropped call logs, which are stored on your computer when you sync your iPhone with iTunes. It even provides a tool that automates pulling the log data and uploading it (currently Mac-only). Why are they doing this?

Q: Why are you doing this?

You don’t have an iPhone do you?
But actually, it’s part of our jobs. We make games that people play with cell phones, and every time that a client of ours does a demo with an iPhone that drops, or a player out in the world has the same thing happen, it diminishes the coolness of what we do. And it doesn’t ever happen on Verizon Blackberrys, for example. Also, our office is in Times Square, NYC, and our iPhones are completely useless there. It drives us bananas every day, and we’re offended that AT&T is going to try to charge for their femtocell service.

Q: Do you hate Apple or AT&T?

Not at all! Well not Apple anyway. We love Apple, we just think they built a terrible phone and chose a terrible provider. Ironically this site was build using two Macbooks. Yes, that is the correct use of ironic. It could only be more ironic if we built the site using an iPhone.

The site may also begin providing information about how to get similar data from other products: “It’s a crazy dream, but our hope is that sites like this one can force manufacturers to provide logs of the operation of their devices so that any consumer can compare their experiences.” Doesn’t sound crazy to us!

Worst Phone Ever [Official Site via CrunchGear]

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