My McDonald's Has Started Charging Me Extra for Mayo

Chaz thought he’d like a little mayo on his McDoubles, and had to shell out an extra 15 cents for the honor of having an employee smear the white stuff on his burger rather than hand him a free packet so Chaz could do the honors himself.

He writes:

McDonald’s seems to always be looking for new revenues, but now they are charging for free condiments, which is just plain low! I went through the drive-thru yesterday, and took advantage of the value menu, ordering a McDouble, fries, and a drink. I like a little mayo on my sandwiches, so I always order my burger with “add mayo”. It’s not an unreasonable request, I’m not asking for the “secret” Big Mac sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, etc., and seeing as they hand out Mayo packets for free when you ask for them, one would expect that adding mayo to a sandwich would also be free. That is no longer the case!! I was shocked to get my receipt and see that I was charged 15 cents to add what they would have given me free in packets!!

Needless to say I was floored, and will not return to a McDonalds if they want to nickel and dime me to add a little mayo to my sandwich – I will go see the King from now on, where I can “Have it my way”!

Mighty sneaky of McD’s to tack the 15 cents onto the order without even letting Chaz know he’d be paying extra. That’s quite a markup on an infinitesimal amount of mayonnaise, and may just make the fast food giant enough extra cash to be able to afford Memphis Grizzlies star O.J. Mayo as its stealth mayonnaise markup spokesman.

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