Google Wants To Sell You Web Browser Games, Apps

Imitating Apple’s concept of selling apps for devices through a unified storefront, Engadget reports Google announced it’s going to launch a Chrome web store that will offer a lot of stuff you can find on the App Store, including games such as Plants vs. Zombies. Engadget raves about a Sports Illustrated app:

We were just shown a demo of Sports Illustrated’s interactive magazine, and we gotta say, it’s mighty impressive — embedded video, fully searchable, and some pretty clever tricks with geolocation that frankly exceed most anything we’ve seen on the iPad thus far.

Apple’s crushing head start and infinite selection means the Google store will have a lot of catching up to do, but at least Google will have a horse in the race.

Google unveils Chrome web store, Sports Illustrated app impresses [Engadget]

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