VIDEO: New Kin Ad Creeps Consumer Reports Out

Theresa over at Consumer Reports Ad Watch took a gander at the latest Kin ad and is kinda skeeved out. In the ad for Microsoft’s new social networking phone targeted at teens, protagonist “Rosa” goes out to confront in person “Matty Goldberb” who’s been hitting on her on Facebook, despite their never meeting before and not knowing each other besides some “mutual friends” (according to Facebook).

In the ad, the nebbish Matty G tells us how it’s cool online because you can sit “around half-naked” “for hours” and “pick up chicks.” Rosa asks him in-person about some flirtatious stuff he said online and then they go for a walk. And this is supposed to sell phones?

While perhaps innocent on the face, it’s impossible to deny the sexual undertones or the implication of real-world encounters between young relatively anonymous strangers.

Consumer Reports thinks it’s a bad idea to friend strangers and arrange to meet them in person alone —especially for teens.

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