Yes Men Launch Business Prank Consulting Services

The Yes Men, who have made a name for themselves impersonating business titans, making them say ridiculous things, and fooling some people into believing they’re real, are franchising. They’ve started the Yes Lab where groups can come to them with ideas for specific businesses to skewer and the Yes Men will guide them in creating the most disruptive media impact.

From the announcement:

How will the Yes Lab work?

In a typical Yes Lab project, an activist organization will come to the Yes Lab with a target—e.g. Monsanto, or war profiteers, or one of those “too big to fail” banks, or greedy health insurance companies, or a bad government policy—as well as a goal: to affect public debate, push for legislation, embarrass an evildoer, etc. Depending on ability, they will pay a fee to help the Yes Lab keep going.

We’ll work with the group to develop the smartest, most effective plan to accomplish it. We’ll help assemble the team from within the group as well as our mailing list, we’ll train folks as necessary, and we’ll check in on the project until it’s successful.

Now you too can receive training in the way of the Yes Men and become more effective at bothering people.

The Yes Lab for Creative Activism [The Yes Men]

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