If Taco Bell Accidentally Gives You $2K Instead Of Burritos, Give It Back

Taco Bell is known for offering sweet deals, but a Dayton woman should have known it was too good to be true when a drive-thru attendant handed her a $2,000 pimp roll rather than her burritos.

The Dayton Daily News reports police are after the woman, because the free side item that comes with accepting such an inadvertent payment is a likely arrest.

From the story:

An employee said she was working the drive-through window and mistakenly gave the customer the bank deposit. The manager explained it was store policy to put the bank bag containing the deposit in a Taco Bell bag. The manager would then drive up to the drive-through window, and an employee would hand him the bag.

Taco Bell should at least give the woman a free chalupa after it gets its money back from her. Oh, and how about doing a better job at marking the bags that store your cash, Taco Bell?

Dayton Daily News [Taco Bell money still sought, police say]
(Thanks, Robert!)

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