New TV Watches You While You Sleep

Snoozing in the flickering light of your TV set could be a thing of the past, if you want it to be — a new Sony Bravia model uses facial recognition technology to detect when you’re sleeping and turns its display off, The Guardian reports.

So, in other woods, your TV would be watching you. While you sleep. But you’d be saving on energy bills, so that’s good, right?

The Bravia WE5 is equipped with a heat and motion sensor that tells the system to turn off if it’s playing in an empty room, as well as an ambient light sensor to reduce the output from the TV’s backlight depending on the room’s brightness.

“If you wander to make a cup of tea you will still be able to hear the TV but it won’t be wasting energy showing the picture,” a Sony spokesperson explained. When you come back in, bam! TV turns on again.

Sony says the new micro-tubular HCFL backlight reduces the amount of power used by the set by 50 percent, compared to earlier LCD TVs.

But like, it watches you. So, there’s that.

Sony’s energy saving TVs watch you while you sleepy [The Guardian]

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