Do Dry Max Pampers Burn Babies' Backsides?

Parents have complained that Procter & Gamble’s Pampers Dry Max diapers are irritating their babies’ skin, and now the company is facing a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Ohio, as well as an investigation from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

WCPO in Cincinnati talked to a mom whose 3-year-old who got a rash from the diaper.

“At the beginning of the month, she started using them. And probably within a couple of hours, my daughter started complaining her bottom hurt. And I took off the diaper and her bottom was already very red,” she said.

The mom switched back to her old diapers and the rash went away. P&G responds to WCPO:

Intensive safety assessments, clinical testing, and consumer testing before, during, and after the launch shows that Pampers Dry Max is safe and does not cause severe skin conditions. Further review by pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists, and children’s public-health-risk experts confirm these findings.

“While we have great empathy for any parent dealing with diaper rash, a common and sometimes severe condition, the claims made in this lawsuit are false. We have every confidence we will prevail in this meritless lawsuit.”

By the way, the product pictured here totally owns diaper rash.

P&G Sued Over New Pampers Diapers [WCPO Cincinnati] (Thanks, Frank!)
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