Apple: 10 Million CDMA iPhones On Order – For Verizon, Perchance?

This minute’s latest rumor is that the can you hear me now guy could be put to work testing iPhones soon. DigiTimes reports that Apple has placed an order with Taiwan-based Pegatron for CDMA iPhone that could reach up to 10 million units. CDMA devices don’t work on AT&T’s GSM network. Verizon’s network is CDMA.

The rumors that iPhones are coming to Verizon are looking more solid, but when is anyone’s guess. AT&T’s exclusivity deal reportedly runs to 2012, though that deal could have since been modified: a new rumor says that Verizon has tapped an ad-agency for a summer-end iPhone advertising blitzkrieg.

Then again, SPRINT is CDMA too. A Sprint iPhone? The only person who knows what will happen in the crazy tangle of secrecy, leaks and punishment that this is the Apple product dissemination game is Steve Jobs.

Pegatron receives orders for CDMA iPhone, say sources [Digitimes via Boy Genius Report]

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