Recession Driving Brits To Cheap, Inedible Foods

Shoppers in the U.K. are apparently cutting corners by swapping fancy foods for “wartime” comestibles like powdered milk, fish paste and powdered custard. One beneficiary is Shippam’s, which has been making fine products such as the pictured “bloater paste” since 1750. And, no, we really don’t want to know what this is.

According to, Brits are opting for “cheap and cheerful” food to make it through the recession.

Data from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Ocado shows sales of powdered custard is up 117%, powdered milk has increased by 36%, fish paste is up 18% and corned beef is up 16%.

Sales of sandwich spread brand Shippam’s – a company established in 1750 – have increased by 77% since 2008.

The popularity of the old-fashioned items has increased most in the east of England – up 50% – since the start of the economic downturn in 2008.

Sales of archaic and inedible foods are, however, down in London, where shoppers are buying 15% less of the stuff now than in 2008. We’re not sure what they’re eating instead, but whatever it is, we’ll take two to go.

Shoppers revisit ‘wartime’ tastes []

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