Netflix Now Offering HD Streaming On PCs And Macs

Netflix customers using computers can now get something that Xbox 360 and TiVo users have taken for granted: HD streaming. However, the fact that Netflix is now apparently making most of its HD titles available for high-def computer streaming doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually get the highest resolution on your rig. And, no matter how sharp the picture is, some films will still be just as bad.

To find out if a movie is available as HD, mouse over its listing. When the film loads on your computer, you’ll get whatever resolution Netflix’s server gremlins think you can handle, based on your Internet connection and hardware capabilities. You can check out your streaming stats by hitting Ctrl-Shift-Alt-M, but there’s apparently no way to force HD if you’re deemed unworthy.

Netflix Now Streaming HD Movies to PCs & Macs [Hacking NetFlix]

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