Even The Rich Are Not Immune To Long Arm Of Repo Man

It’s a line of work that begs to be turned into George Clooney’s next existential Oscar bait film — a high-end repo man who swiped the toys of the wealthy to repay debt. CNN profiles Ken Cage, whose job it is to nab Gulfstreams, Cessnas, yachts and what have you, with the aid of former pro wrestler Randy Craft, fated to be played in a movie by Mickey Rourke.

CNN captures Cage and Craft’s repartee as they pick up a Cessna near Orlando:

Before moving out to grab it, Craft and Cage go though the final run-through:

CRAFT: “So, it’s in a hangar?”

CAGE: “It’s in a hangar…”

CRAFT: “That’s why I didn’t spot it because I went by that airport and you couldn’t see it.

CAGE: “We’re going to be able to get into this hangar. We’ve got a pilot there now doing an inspection of the airplane.”

CRAFT: “They (the plane’s owners) know if anything’s going on at this point?

CAGE: “No. They think it’s hidden!…Let’s not put the plane on the field until we have the doors open. (Our pilot) is on the plane, and we can tug it out. That way we’re doing everything kind of undercover here…”

CAGE: “…This seems to be a case of hide and seek…Friday the call was probably made from the bank to the debtor…Saturday the plane moves.

CRAFT: He’ll be in for a surprise. Let’s go get it!

Sounds like a fun, rewarding job.

High-end repo men snag planes, yachts [CNN]

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