Comcast Would Like You To Return The Cable Boxes Destroyed When Your Home Burned Down

Working hard to maintain their Worst Company in America trophy, a Comcast rep demanded that a couple whose home was destroyed in an apartment fire return their cable boxes, or pay $1,300. Oh, and they lose their promotional rate because they had the audacity to suspend their service. Because they are living in a hotel. After their home was destroyed.

At least the fire wasn’t caused by the cable box. That’s happened before.

“We called the day of the fire, and tried to suspend the service. We were told we would be charged for that, then when we did resume service we would be charged to turn in back on, and we would lose all our promotions and specials,” said Jessica Clary.

“Then the guy asked me when I would be bringing my cable boxes, and I was like, ‘did you not [hear] what I just said? My apartment burnt down,’ ” Clary told the operator.

Comcast asked the couple to pay $1,300 to replace the boxes, but promised to resolve the situation after the consumer reporter from a local television station contacted them.

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