Personal Finance Roundup

How to find a car’s ‘real’ price [MSN Money] “Actual dealer cost is elusive, and the ‘invoice price’ is just one clue. But you can get an idea of dealer cost, and that will help in negotiating the price you pay.”

Seven Easy Steps to Your Dream Job [The Simple Dollar] “Pretty good advice for any “dream job” a person might have.”

We’re flunking personal finance [Washington Post] “The financial teaching grade is in for teachers — and it’s not good.”

Social Security: Get to know your options [Vanguard] “Your personal circumstances—such as whether you have other savings or sources of income—can affect the path you’ll take.”

How to Appraise Home Appraisers [Wall Street Journal] “A low appraisal is one of the more common reasons that transactions fall apart these days.”


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