Facebook Board Member's Profile Hacked

Maybe now that one of their board members’ profile got hacked, Facebook will start caring more about your privacy. Nah.

PeHub reports:

Sunday morning, some of the 2,301 Facebook friends of venture capitalist and Facebook board member Jim Breyer received a message from him, through Facebook. “Would You Like a Facebook Phone Number?” it asked, presenting a link to “see more details and RSVP.”

While no one would be surprised by a service that allowed users to call friends from their Facebook accounts, the message was a hack. “This was a phishing scam and Jim’s account appears to have been compromised,” said Larry Yu, a Facebook spokesman, late yesterday. “The issue has since been resolved and we’re actively trying to block this activity.”

Facebook Loses Face: Board Member’s Account is Breached [PeHub via SAI]

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