Face It, You're Not Gonna Quit Facebook — Here's Why

Facebook is taking quite a beating these days for its cavalier security and privacy practices, as well as its invasive, ad-whoring nature. But wail and gnash your teeth as much as you like, you know you’re not going to delete that account. Business Insider put together a list of reasons why this is so:

A few from the list:

You’re not going to go back to waiting an hour to send an email to 30 people with 40 photos. attached.

How will you remember anybody’s birthday?

How will you stalk your college boyfriend’s new fiance?

Without Facebook what are you going to do when you don’t have a friend’s email address or phone number? Facebook messaging blows. But at least you know you can reach anybody who has a Facebook account.

Click the source link for the other reasons.

If you actually have gone through with going Faceless, what do you miss and how have you filled the gap?

10 Reasons You’ll Never Quit Facebook [Business Insider]

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