Do Not Mock Your Co-Worker's Tiny Penis While Testing Full-Body Scanners

If you’ve been wondering how much of your body airport full-body scanners actually do reveal, a recent TSA training session in Miami shows the answer: enough for your co-workers to mock the size of your genitals. The target of the mockery eventually found it unbearable, and police say that he “could not take the jokes anymore and lost his mind,” attacking one of his colleagues in the parking lot. He was arrested for aggravated battery.

From the police report:

The investigation revealed that the [suspect] was upset after a training with “Whole Body Image” machine. The X-Ray revealed [the suspect] has a small penis and co-workers made fun of him on a daily basis. [He] stated he could not take the jokes anymore and lost his mind.

For Airport Security, Size Matters [The Smoking Gun] (Thanks, Julie and Chris!)

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