Verizon FIOS Pulled The Old Switcharoo On Me

Dave says he was lured in by the promise of a low rate when he switched from Cablevision to Verizon FIOS, but the bills have been much higher than expected and when he called to complain he was told the promotion he signed up for didn’t fit anything Verizon offers.

He writes:

I recently signed up for the Verizon FiOS TV, internet and phone bundle for a discounted rate of $67 per month for the fist 6 months and $97 per month for months 7-24. I had heard that Verizon adds on a lot of taxes and fees so I inquired as to what I would actually be paying. I was assured that the price I was quoted was after taxes and fees. So you can imagine that I was very excited to be getting such a good deal. I was told that I was receiving said deal because I was switching over from Cablevision’s Optimum Triple play deal ($99 a month after taxes and fees for phone, internet and TV).

Needless to say, when I received my first bill estimate of $150, I was quite shocked. I immediately got on the phone with Verizon customer service and was told that since its just an estimate my discounts were not applied yet, and it is impossible to see the discounts until the service is activated (and I am locked into their contract).

So the installation comes and goes, everything is going well, I am very happy with the service… and then I get my first bill. $151. I once again immediately call Verizon’s customer service where I am told the reason my bill is so high is because it is for 1 and 1/2 months. So she breaks down the bill with me and we get an approximate monthly bill of $115. Well above what I was quoted and higher than what I was paying for Cablevision. She then informed me that the numbers I was quoted do not fit any promotion that they offer. (I had just received a flier a few days prior quoting $69 for the first 6 months and $99 for 7-24. After taxes and fees). After some discussion, (I admit, I got a little angry and for that I do feel bad) it is decided that my case will be submitted for review and I will hear back from them.

The next day I received an automated voicemail from a [redacted] informing me that if I have any issues please email. So I sent my story over to [redacted] and received a confirmation email that my issue is being assigned to one of her assistants.

After about a week of phone tag, I finally made contact with what turned out to be the presidential escalated service line (908-717-3115), where once again I was told that no such deal exists and the best they can do is give me a discount (down to $111 a month) for the first 6 months and inform whoever created my order’s supervisor that they made a mistake and should be reprimanded.

So now I’m locked into a 2 year contract paying a price I did not agree on. In a few months when the 6 month promotion ends I will be paying even more. If I try and cancel I will be charged a $365 ETF. Do you have any advice on what to do? Its a shame, because I really do enjoy the product.

Sounds like just cause for an EECB. Any other suggestions on how Dave can get out of this nasty contract?


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  1. SecretAgentWoman says:

    I would also contact the BBB, the AG for your state (bait and switch), and local media. Did you fax over a copy of the mailer you received with the deal?

    • goodpete says:

      And take them to small claims court if that’s possible. You agreed to the 2 year contract under the pretense you were quoted a lower price, so the contract should be void. No need to keep service at a price you didn’t agree to. Chances are they wouldn’t bother showing up anyway…

      • dangermike says:

        I agree it’s slimy and I’ll certainly forward it to my father (he was talking recently about ditching rr for fios on the grounds that their promotional price would be cheaper than the cable he subscribes to now) but I have to wonder how far the OP can realistically expect to get after he was presented with, accepted, and approved the $150 estimate for the first bill. I mean, sure, the flyer advertised a much lower rate but it likely was also filled with fine print including a disclaimer that taxes and fees may be added to the advertised price.

        I hope he can get out of it. It does not sound like a very fair situation. But let his story serve as a reminder to never let the fox guard the henhouse. ALWAYS check the fine print. And don’t accept written quotes higher than verbal quotes.

  2. jnrcorp says:

    Say your moving to a new location that does not have FIOS services. Then tell them you don’t want any of the services at the new location. You can use a friend or family members house. Then you can have a roommate resign for service if you still want phone or anything else.

    • phrekyos says:

      I don’t think you can do that any more. Last I heard, you still have to pay the ETF even if you move outside a FiOS service area. This was not the case when I moved last December, though – I got out without an ETF. Of course, I’d have rather kept the FiOS, but I’m stuck with Comcr… I mean, Crapfinity now.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        When I moved, I didn’t know about this policy, and when I talked to the FiOS rep, he asked whether I could get FiOS in my new area. I told them that I couldn’t, unfortunately (really, cause I love FiOS), and the rep went “oh in that case, you don’t have to pay the fee!” It was really nice.

        • phrekyos says:

          The new higher ETF and fee-even-if-you-move rules were supposed to start January 17, 2010. I would imagine that’s only for people who signed a contract after that date, so that’s probably why we weren’t charged. I canceled my service back when my new place, Alexandria VA, still had hope of getting FiOS.

    • craptastico says:

      will this work? i like FIOS and dont’ want to switch, but i’d never considered the possiblity of paying the ETF if i move for one reason or another. is the ETF voided if you move?

  3. p0rkmaster says:

    Quoting OP: “(I had just received a flier a few days prior quoting $69 for the first 6 months and $99 for 7-24. After taxes and fees)”

    Sounds like you have something in writing. Can you scan/post the flyer so we can see what fine print/disclaimers/etc are on it?

    • MonkeyMonk says:

      I agree. I’m not sure we’re getting the whole story here. If you’ve got a flyer advertising this special why can’t you email them a PDF and prove them wrong?

      I signed up for FiOS just a couple of months ago. I signed up online and they emailed me the terms of the contract well before the scheduled installation date. The email was an estimate but it did show a firm price for the FiOS with the estimate only being for the taxes. The first month bill when it finally arrived was within a dollar of the estimate.

  4. Macgyver says:

    People shouldn’t just listen to what other people tell them. People have to learn how to read the fine print.

  5. winstonthorne says:

    Call the escalated service line back and tell them that you’re out, and furthermore that you want the ETF waived because they made material changes after you agreed to the contract.

  6. BillyShears says:

    I think it’s worth asking where he saw and ultimately signed up for this offer. Was it via their website? A FiOS “store”? One of those authorized seller stores that aren’t directly affiliated with Verizon?

  7. adamstew says:

    Do you still have the flier? If so scan it and email it to anyone at Verizon to prove to them that the promotion existed.

    If they still refuse to listen, it’s time for an EECB.

    If that still doesn’t work, then cancel service, when you get the bill, take them to small claims court.

    • Difdi says:

      Agreed. Either Verizon is pulling a switcheroo and insisting the OP is bound to a contract he never actually agreed to or signed, or there never was a contract to begin with. Either way, the OP is not bound to pay more than he contracted to pay.

  8. incident man stole my avatar says:

    That’s why I have refused to switch away from Comcast and give Verizon any more money. I’ve had the similiar problems with Verizon related to my DSL/POTS bills. Verbally they will tell anything you want to hear to make the sale. I would contract my AG’s office and submit the case with copy of the flier.

  9. harsa321 says:

    Always record these deals. They are libel for any promotion offered by their staff. If they did this to me, I would cancel and sue them for the ETF….

    • aaron8301 says:

      Libel = a false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming a living person .

      Liable = responsible for.

      BIG difference.

  10. Dre' says:

    Kill your service & eat the EFT.

    Then file complaints with the FTC, FCC, the PSC & whatever municipal body granted Verizon the monopoly in your area. Also, for bonus points cc all this to your states attorney since it really does sound like a bait & switch. Hope you still have that flier.

    • steve6534 says:

      Sorry but how is an overlay network provider (Verizon) granted a “Monopoly” when “Monopoly” literally means they would be the sole provider ? Did you maybe mean franchise ?

    • Difdi says:

      From what the OP said, there was only a verbal deal with a Verizon employee on the phone. No ETF unless he agreed to one.

  11. cjcharv says:

    LIke “porkmaster” said, Scan the flier and send it to VZ. If they don’t honor it, then send off an EECB, notify the AG, and local news stations.

  12. theSuperman says:

    As it has been said by others already, I really hope you kept that flyer. Chances are I probably would have thrown it away.

  13. bonniefjls says:

    A telecom provider would never quote a price and say “after taxes and fees,” because they can’t really predict what those taxes and fees will amount to.

    I’m pretty sure the OP misread the word “plus” (as in “plus taxes and fees”).

    Good luck finding this magical flyer that definitely doesn’t say what you claim it said.

  14. Clyde Barrow says:

    “Needless to say, when I received my first bill estimate of $150, I was quite shocked. I immediately got on the phone with Verizon customer service and was told that since its just an estimate my discounts were not applied yet, and it is impossible to see the discounts until the service is activated (and I am locked into their contract).”

    Say what? The rep’s must have a cue card to state this because how in the hell could anyone memorize this BS. LOL!

  15. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Hell no. If the supervisor is to be reprimanded, that means they fucked up. Their mistake, their consequences. You need to escalate this and push on it hard. Contact the appropriate agencies and complain. Let them know you’re filing complaints with the appropriate agencies.



  16. Clyde Barrow says:

    I purchased a phone machine that records conversations within my home. I record and save these conversations so when this happens, I let them know this and what they stated. I also include a full script to the SAG office in my state in case of a complaint. So far, I’ve never lost an issue with these scammers.

    • CycloneBD says:

      Do you have to get their permission to record the conversation, or are they already recording it? And if they are recording it, is that implicit permission to allow you to record the conversation as well?

      • womynist says:

        You could always just say exactly what they say when they take your call…”this call may be monitored and recorded for quality assurace/training purposes.”

  17. Grogey says:

    I personally would like to see the flier in question.

  18. s017jrs says:

    Verizon doesn’t care what the BBB says. They told the BBB tough they couldn’t help me with my issue, but an EECB resolved my issue in less than 24 hours.

  19. William Mize says:

    I’m also locked into Verizon FIOS for the next two years, and 99 times out of 100 that ‘special deal’ does NOT include any taxes, fees, and other crap that Verizon is so famous for.
    That one time out of one hundred is the customer service rep getting it wrong, which is what happened to you.
    Unless you can grab that flier, look very hard at the fine print, and find where it says that the $67 is your ‘out the door’ price, I think you are truly screwed for the next 24 months.

    • Difdi says:

      The question is, did the OP sign any paperwork, or was it just a verbal agreement on the phone that got him into a contract? If the former, then sneaky fine print may apply. But if it was the latter, then the full deal is whatever the verbal agreement was.

      If, after such a verbal agreement, but without any kind of signature on paperwork, Verizon provides services, it signifies they agreed to the verbal deal. And the customer owes whatever payment the deal says he does. Also, unless an ETF was part of the verbal deal, that wouldn’t apply either.

  20. MustWarnOthers says:

    There is definitely something wrong.

    Verizon had a flier and deal at the time when we switched to FIOS from Time Warner, and it was 79.99 for all three services for the first 6 months, and then 99.99 for the last 6 months.

    I added in the HD package afterwards (their basic TV HD is horrendous), which tacked on another 10 bucks a month.

    With fees and taxes etc, our bill has been around 95 a month for the first 4 months or so(not counting the “Internet Activation Fee”.

    One thing that blew me away was that all the installation was free, but the first 3 months had an “Internet Activation Fee” of 45 dollars, split over 3 months. You have got to be kidding me? Someone clicked a button to send a signal and it cost me 45 bucks?

    Your bill is way higher than it should be, even considering all the extra BS that Verizon tacks on.

    I’ve become very vigilant when dealing with companies recently, and I would have went apeshi$ if it wasn’t for that fact that I’m consistently getting 30meg downstream and 25 Meg upstream, when I’m only contracted at 25down 10up.

    • jjmcubed says:

      As someone who has done customer service for multiple companies, I’m still trying to find this magical button people talk about. Nine out of ten times it takes more than you realize. You can ask for the fee to be reversed, but most of the time it is mandatory.

      All I’m trying to say is there is more than the level(or person) you talking to in order to get the service going. With Verizon I might be 100% wrong, but with the company I worked for(including handling escalations) customers always talked about that button, but it just isn’t that simple.

      • Difdi says:

        If installation is free, why do new customers get charged $135 for it?

        • Difdi says:

          Whoops, $45. But still, speaking as someone who has worked in IT, on the hardware side of networks, while it’s not as simple as clicking a button, it’s not all THAT much more complicated. The days of a physical operator moving cables around a switchboard are long gone, after all.

  21. budgetingincome says:

    This is exactly why despite their almost daily mailings, I don’t bite. Friends tell me that their billing has a funny way of turning $88 into $120 or more! I wish they would quote the ACTUAL cost, inclusive of taxes and fees so customers can make a rational decision.

  22. TehQ says:

    If you have a contract that you signed that showed the total price to be $67 then they have to honor it. If they don’t honor that price then you can cancel service because they broke the contract.

    • Difdi says:

      It’s actually more clever than that. From what the OP said, Verizon didn’t send him paperwork to sign, and instead, took his verbal assent on the phone as agreeing to a contract (one would assume they recorded the call for proof, later on).

      The thing about verbal contracts though, is that it’s rather hard to work fine print into them. They are literally a contract negotiation, and as with the nature of all such negotiations, it truly does not matter what a paper one or more of the contract parties doesn’t see or sign says, the deal is what they agree on, verbally. Written contracts are preferred for businesses, since they provide a physical record of the agreement in themselves. But from a legal standpoint, a simple verbal agreement on terms and fees is equally binding.

      The OP and the phone agent agreed to $67 monthly, fees and taxes included. On those terms, the OP agreed to the service and Verizon initiated service. After a month of service, Verizon sent the OP a bill for nearly 250% of what the contract specified. One of two things has occurred here.

      The first is that Verizon ignored the verbal contract, and simply plugged in an unsigned written one; If this is the case, then the contract is invalid, because the OP didn’t agree to it, therefore NONE of the standard contract terms apply to the OP. Not the billing structure, not the services contracted for, not even an ETF, if any. Trouble is, without a signature, Verizon will have extreme difficulties proving the OP actually agreed to a contract. If they pull up the recorded call, they either get the record of the verbal contract (which makes their situation worse) or they edit it to say only what they want it to say, which is a FELONY. Either way, the OP is not bound to the terms of a contract he never agreed to. Worst case, legally, Verizon has broken the contract, thus voiding it, and the OP only owes the $67 he agreed to for the month of service he received.

      The other possibility is that Verizon’s automated billing systems can’t handle special deals, only certain programmed ones. This is an error, not contract fraud, but it will prevent the deal from working. Either Verizon needs to adjust their systems, or they need to break the contract. Because as it stands now, Verizon is in breach-of-contract with the OP. The OP only owes $67 however. If Verizon continues to provide service in succeeding months, the OP only owes the agreed-upon $67 next month too.

      Either way, Verizon cannot legally enforce a contract the OP never agreed to. Verizon’s options in this, ultimately, are to either break the verbal contract, or fulfill the terms of it. But whatever option they choose, none of the options open to them permit them to bill the OP any more than $67 for those first 6 months, and $97 a month for months 7-24.

  23. Cant_stop_the_rock says:

    When I signed up for FiOS I asked how much the taxes would be. They said 7%. FALSE.

    • Difdi says:

      If your signing up consisted of talking to a phone rep, verbally making an agreement, and shortly thereafter service and billing began, with no physical paperwork to sign…then 7% was true, and any charge over that was a billing error, that you did not owe.

  24. dadelus says:

    I learned the same lesson from Verizon years ago(late 90s). I had cell service with them and was trying to lower my monthly bill. The rep informed me of a great deal that gave me unlimited talk peak and off-peak for $60/month. Since my bill was usually more then that I liked the concept. I quizzed the rep about the deal to look for any hidden hooks but couldn’t find any so I said sign me up! Next month my bill was over $250. I called to find out why I wasn’t getting my promised flat rate and the rep I spoke with this time informed me that no such deal existed. To their credit they did cut the bill in half for me.

    Ever since then if I’m told about a great deal over the phone I tell them to send it to me in writing before I’ll agree to anything.

    • Difdi says:

      If you agreed to a deal over the phone, and the phone rep wasn’t empowered to make a deal, then the contracted deal is illegal and voided. If however the rep did have the power to make deals on behalf of the company, then any deal verbal they agreed to is a binding contract, with the terms being limited to what was verbally agreed upon.

      They didn’t do you any favors by lowering that $250+ to $125, since the deal you were contractually obligated to keep to specified $60. So what if they only charged you double the contracted fee? They still overcharged you, and you let them.

  25. sammy_b says:

    Cablevision will pay your termination fee from FIOS if you ask. Trust me.

  26. Branden says:

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: always always always request that your phone calls to customer service be recorded and write down the identification number of such recordings!

  27. Sparkstalker says:

    This story scares the piss out of me…I’m in pretty much the same boat as the OP, but I haven’t gotten my first bill yet. I love the FiOS service, but after having to spend two plus hours on the phone with them just to get my order right, I’m afraid to see what the billing department will do.

  28. AllanG54 says:

    Years ago Verizon did this to me with my business phone lines. Had “freedom for business” for $34 a line plus taxes and fees. I have 3 lines so I figured my bill would be for about $140 all in but I get the bill and it’s over $200. Called customer service, their explanation, “yes it’s $34 a month for each line but it’s $28 a month for each line for the DIAL TONE.” As soon as my contract with them was up I went right to Cablevision. I pay half of what I paid including internet service. Bill went from about $300/mo with Verizon to $155 with Cablevision.

  29. Geekybiker says:

    Save that flier. I hope you didn’t sign anything with the $150 price on it…

  30. sn1per420 says:

    Verizon tried to do this to me with the free TV offer back when FiOS was new in my area. I used the number for the CEO’s office (found here on consumerist), and within a week I had my TV.

  31. jaya9581 says:

    Comcast has no contracts.

    Just sayin’.

    (That’s what my husband, who works for Comcast, always says when I mention stories like this to him :P )

    • tiatrack says:

      I think your husband is mistaken. I have a 2-year contract with Comcast, and there is a penalty if we break it. Luckily I’m a rare person that is really happy with Comcast and loathed FiOS. Verizon is actually backing out of FiOS in my (and several other) state.

  32. ginnel says:

    I had similar conversations with Verizon last year trying to pin down real prices including taxes, fees, etc. Their quotes sounded too good to be true and they were. I was able to get out of my contract but not without a lot of grief. What a difference in attitude between the way I was spoken to when I was trying to buy and afterward when I was questioning billing amounts! Everything was sweetness and concern when they were trying to sell me and hangups, switching my call from person to person and total rudeness after. One of the worst things with Verizon is just trying to get through to them. I would sit for half an hour at a time trying to get someone to answer. This is how a phone company operates? I tell anyone and everyone who will listen to steer clear of Verizon.

    • nybiker says:

      While I am a Verizon customer (cell, landline, dsl), every time I get one of their promos for FioS, the promo rate is always a monthly credit off the bill. That means that the taxes that are collected and the fees that are charged are off of the higher amount. Basically, you get screwed just like with rebates (in that the sales tax is calculated on the regular price, not the rebated price).

      If they said, hey, you’re getting a plan with $x per month for 6 months and $y per month for months 7-24, and the prices shown are the actual rates (plus the taxes, fees, surcharges based on them), then I’d be wiling to think about it.

      And, yes, if a B2C website can determine shipping charges based on a zip code, then why can’t Verizon do the same with all those fees, surcharges, and taxes? It should be a relatively simple calculator. Plug in zip, spit out all the crap that comes along with the plan.

  33. PupJet says:

    “(I had just received a flier a few days prior quoting $69 for the first 6 months and $99 for 7-24. After taxes and fees). “

    If you have the flier still, what you can do is scan it and EECB it along with a copy of your monthly statement. Also filing with the BBB, PUCO and FCC.

  34. Goatweed says:

    I’m pretty sure you have 90 days to cancel the service completely, without any ETFs – I did on both of my contract signups.

  35. Aaronjk says:

    Talk to a lawyer. There has to be a “Meeting of the Minds” for there to be a contract. You signed up for a $67/month contract. They screwed you. No contract. A lawyer might cost a little but if the EECB you write doesn’t help I think $100 for a lawyer to help draft a new EECB and put his name in there for them to contact with the termination fees might just do it.

    • Difdi says:

      The OP has faithfully upheld the verbal contract, the meeting of minds. Verizon is the party that has breached the contract. Why would there be an ETF at all?

  36. evnmorlo says:

    I think they are required by law to let you cancel service within 30 days and refund your money. Verizon has been engaged in fraud for a long time by charging customers for fees and taxes without disclosing the amount that will be charged in advance, and your only choice is not to do business with them.

  37. Blow a fuse? I can fix that... says:

    How can you be locked into a contract you never agreed to?

  38. augiet65 says:
  39. bwcbwc says:

    The difference between $99 and $115 is probably undisclosed fees. The difference between $69 and $115 is a rip-off. Get your documentation together and EECB or file with your state telecomms regulator.

    For folks who deal with Verizon in the future: if the estimate doesn’t match what the offer, don’t sign the contract.

  40. edicius is an acquired taste says:

    I guess those commercials I’ve been seeing out here in the NY area where Verizon FIOS is claiming to provide phone, internet and TV with a locked-in price of $99 for two years are shady too. Doesn’t make a difference to me, since just on the basic Cablevision plan, but I figured that had to be too good to be true.

  41. DrLumen says:

    I got the $69/$99 flyer from them recently. I called to get all the details. They said they could not tell me how much the extra fees or taxes would be. Also, you have to lease the equipment. For 3 rooms with a HD DVR was going to be an additional $30 per month. If you start doing the math, the $69 per month starts adding up and I would not be surprised that it hit the $115 mark. Can you imagine how much it’s going to be after the promotion?! (shudders)

  42. skapig says:

    Verizon, Comcast, etc. all play the same pricing games with their various offers. The moral of the story is to get an offer in writing before committing your money.

  43. Verizonguy says:

    Dave– My name is Rich Young and I work for Verizon. I’m sorry to hear about your billing concern and I’d like to try and resolve it. If you send me your (account) name, address, home phone and best reach number, I’ll have a customer service manager reach out to you directly. My email is:


  44. ITDEFX says:

    You have to also figure in the cost of the box rentals :( A multi-room hd-dvr was given to me for free for 3 months, and after that it was 20 bucks. Was told there was no lower one. Just before the free promo expired, called them up and found out that there is a cheaper option where they disabled the multi-room dvr function (so we have to watch recorded shows downstairs, no biggie). So we have that. Then we cancelled HBO/Cinemax after there 3 months free promo and got the showtime package, eventually they gave us another 3 months of HBO/Cinemax for free, with the showtime package being cheaper (and some times better than what HBO was playing..after awhile you get sick of watch Dark Knight every other day). As for internet, they forced us on the 25/15 (I think) because they claimed it was required for the HD channels. I have tried several times to request a slower speed since I didn’t need that fast and they wouldn’t budge. Any attempts to add a phone line would screw up the bundle even more. :( In the end we are paying for 2 hd boxes (one of which is a dvr), showtime package, and internet.
    Oh and visual quality seems to DROP as each month passes….tech support is useless.

  45. Schwiggy says:

    HI, OP here.. just thought I’d add a few bits of information. The mailer I received did state “plus taxes & fees”. I meant “before” but I guess I wrote “after”. But the point is, when I asked the rep, she specifically stated that my quote was after taxes and fees.

    This order was created over the phone. I had called Verizon because my Cablevision promotion was coming to an end, although they were offering to extend my promotion for another year. I had also heard great things about FiOS. So I was not going off any fliers or internet deals I had seen, I was just calling to get a quote.

    I do not have the means to record phone conversations. I asked Verizon if they had a recording of my call and they never gave me a straight answer. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. I kick myself for not thinking of asking for email confirmation from the rep.

  46. firepup says:

    The deal you sign up is a 2 for 3 deal which is a savings of about $30.00 per month. Bring the lowest Package to 69.99. But on that deal you gotta add the box prices. Depending how many boxes you have & market for an HD BOX it’s 5.99. Also anything like Showtime/Cinemax is Extra.

    So breaking it down= 69.99 + Assuming Avearge of 3 Boxes $18 + Taxes Average 15 = 103 + month 1/2 = 51.49 Which brings about a total of 155.00. So the bill you got is actually correct.

    • jayally says:

      I get the verizon flyers ALL the time along with letters touting important information. I just throw it all away without reading anymore and have asked repeatedly to not send me any more of them. I have heard many people getting screwed with deceptive FIOS pricing and I don’t want to be one of them. I do have cell with verizon plus internet and Phone with a FIOS bundle, which is all that is offered in my area for my landline phone. I would have kept At & T if I could have. I refuse to leave my multiroom DISH DVR setup. The FIOS installer admitted FIOS could not come close in price to my $68 a month for 5 TV’s and would be much more than I am currently paying total for internet, cell, TV and Internet.

  47. Schwiggy says:

    This is the OP. I have 1 HD set top box, no other boxes. No premium channels. The premium channels im getting are just the 3 month intros that are free.

  48. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    You need to kick them to the curb NOW. Do not wait until the price goes up in 6 months. You can dispute the ETF, threaten suits if they threaten collection.

    You did not agree to a contract at those rates. But if you wait 6 months you will not have a leg to stand on.

  49. darksly says:

    Thats what happens when you deal with an overly aggressive company trying to sell a product that doesn’t work any better than that of the area incumbent (Cablevision in this instance) and they have no idea how to properly bill and manage TV, Internet, and Home Phone packages…

    Were you dissatisfied with Cablevision?

  50. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    The most expensive “triple play” option the Verizon website is $89/month +fees & taxes.

  51. lanigan911 says:

    I still can’t understand how these types of bills vary from month to month. The service cost doesn’t change, the tax rate doesn’t change. Why do the fees vary every month?

  52. H3ion says:

    Can’t say I have much to complain about with FIOS. I signed up for their triple play service at a Verizon Wireless store. When the year’s promotional period ran out, I sent them an e-mail basically saying that if they wanted to keep me, they would give me the same deal as a new subscriber. They wrote back and said “yes” and I’m good for another year. I’m sure the fact that I had all three services and was also a Verizon Wireless customer had something to do with it.

  53. celeb8 says:

    You’re not “locked into” shi anything. Also, you’re entitled to be as verbally abusive with their reps as you’d like to be to vent.

    You don’t owe them anything, you’re not “locked in” no matter what some idiot phone sales rep tries to tell you. If you didn’t agree to the price they’re quoting then, while they can claim all day long you owe them an ETF, you don’t.

    If they try and send you to collections, it’s a fraudulent debt. You can make some good money off of any attempts for them to collect this fraudulent debt.

    Also, keep your flier handy (or print out a copy of that flyer posted earlier) and, like the others say, call the BBB, your state AG, and local news outlets. This could be a lot of fun for you making Verizon eat their words.

    The EECB bs may work, but I really don’t like the idea of pleading with Verizon to fix their own screwups. They should be apologizing and fixing, not stonewalling you and acting like you owe them something for their bad work.

  54. Difdi says:

    If the OP told a Verizon agent to sign him up, and he suddenly is signed up on that basis, without any physical papers being signed, then the deal is exactly what he agreed on with the agent.

    See, under contract law, you can’t just call J. Random Employee at Verizon and make a deal. For example, the Janitor is an employee of Verizon, but lacks power to make deals on the company’s behalf.

    But if you can say (verbally) “Sign me up for N deal please!” to a Verizon employee on the phone, and the contract just sortof happens without you needing to sign any physical paperwork, then you dealt with an Agent, not a random employee. If you did sign paperwork, then whatever is written on the papers comprises the deal and contract. Without a physical signing of paperwork, any verbal agreement between Customer and Agent is binding on both parties. If a contract exists, and no papers were signed, then it is the one the OP agreed to with the agent, not the “standard deal” they are trying to push on him after the fact.

    If the employee the OP spoke to was not an agent of Verizon, and no papers were signed, then there can be no contract, just like making a verbal agreement with a janitor results in no contract. Verizon is, of course, free to reject the verbal agreement, but their providing the agreed-upon service indicates they did accept the verbal agreement.

    In other words, if the guy who promised the OP a great deal was an agent, then he owes $67. If the guy who made the promise on Verizon’s behalf was not an agent, then Verizon has given the OP a month of uncontracted service, for the agreed upon price of… $67. Either way, unless an ETF was verbally agreed upon (and the Verizon side of the agreement was made by an agent), there can be no penalty fee for terminating the deal early, contract or not.

    • Schwiggy says:

      But see… when random Verizon employee gives me an order number and a installation date, it tells me that they are capable of making deals. I doubt janitors have the ability to generate order numbers.

      I did have to verbally agree to the price over the phone, and verbally agree to the ETF. Though I never signed any piece of paper stating my rates. I didn’t even have sign anything when they did the installation.

  55. RobofNYC says:

    I can only relate my own experience. I signed on to Verizon’s special for 24 months (at the same rate). My bill was somewhat higher because of the usual taxes and whore fees, but was close to what was stated. I was told I have this rate for 24 months, I will wait and see if it changes after 12 months. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised.

  56. lipctech says:

    I’s switching back to Cablevision this week. I had nothing with problems with Verizion FiOS. The billing is the worse. One month I didn’t get charged for TV and the next month I get charged 3 months for TV. The prices changes every month. Cablevision called me two days ago offered me 85.93 with tax for the triple pay for two years, with two boxes and DVR free for one year. My wife can’t wait to go back. The position the channels are in on Verizon FiOS make no sense and you have to tune to a different set of channels to get HD. Cablevision changed that a few months ago, so when you go to channel 2 you get the HD version if you have an HDTV hooked up, no surfing two sets of channels. Plus I didn’t realize I missed News 12 until the last storm hit. News 12 Traffic and Weather is awesome too. All FiOS has is some Widget that is a pain to navigate and takes forever to get what I want.

  57. johnster says:

    I got a similar screwing… added a channel to my lineup, and now that I want to drop phone service from my triple play package, they say it is a $330 ETF This is after asking during the recording period if I would be charged an ETF if I dropped my phone service. Verizon is a bunch of fraudsters