JetBlue Employee Shops While Pretending To Help Stranded Passengers?

Dan thought something was funny going on when a woman behind a JetBlue counter seemed less than capable when helping passengers stranded at JFK due to weather delays. He snuck around the back and photographed her shopping at Babies R Us rather than doing her job.

He writes:

On 4/25/10 while at JFK waiting for a connecting flight, severe weather was causing some serious delays. My personal flight was delayed by 4 hours, and I was not the only person in a bad spot. A plane arrived in the JetBlue terminal coming from Orlando carrying a payload of passengers that had all missed their connecting flights. JetBlue was aware of this, but did nothing to prepare for their arrival. While I was waiting for my flight, I watched as people lined up to see what could be done about their missed flights, only to witness these paying customers get some of the worst service I have ever seen. There was only 1 woman at the JetBlue desk to help all of these passengers, and her attention was on other things. I had my flip camera handy and caught some footage of this woman pretending to assist passengers while she shopped for items on the Babies R Us website. I have included a screencap from the video in this email. Should I forward this on to JetBlue or will it go nowhere?

I mean, we’ve all played Tetris at work, but this is a bit ridiculous. Almost like a page out of the Chris Morran playbook.

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