GameStop Doesn't Want You To Buy A Used Copy Of Fallout 3

Reader theSteve spotted a pricing quirk on GameStop’s website that rendered a new copy of Fallout 3 cheaper than a used version.

On top of that, there was a $10 credit on a future order. Checking the site these days, the offer doesn’t seem to be in effect anymore, although the used version was still more expensive last we checked. The writing on the picture is tough to read, but theSteve explains the offer that was on the site:

Saw this on I know they get a lot of revenue from used games, but I hope no one bites on this deal:

Fallout 3 (brand new): $15.99 + $10 credit on future order.

Fallout 3 (used): $19.99 + no credit + used game.

This is why I hate gamestop. I highly recommend Goozex if you’ve never heard of it for game trading.

GameStop may give customers many reasons to dislike it, but I disagree that ludcirously low prices like this is one of them.

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