Personal Finance Roundup

The Best Time to Buy Guide for 75 Products and Services [Go Frugal Blog] “Before you make another major purchase, check with this guide to know when the best time to buy is.”

5 Savings Tips for Soon-to-Be Retirees [Smart Money] “Here are five ways to boost your retirement savings — even later in life.”

Simplify Your Financial Life [Kiplinger] “Now is the perfect time to do some financial spring cleaning, from tossing old papers to digitizing important documents.”

How Much to Donate? God Knows [NY Times] “Of the $229 billion that Americans donated in 2009, about half went to religious institutions.”

Cash Provides a Cushion [Wall Street Journal] “People who lose their jobs often think about using a severance package to pay off debts. Instead they should focus on conserving cash.”


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