Man Seals Self Inside Foreclosed Home

Now we finally understand the secrets of the pharoahs: a bunch of angry people in Stony Ridge, Ohio have sealed up a home with the homeowner inside, with his permission, leaving only a golf ball-sized hole in the front door. The man, Keith Sadler, says he fell behind last year after paying on his mortgage for 12 years, and that his bank promised to work with him but instead proceeded with foreclosure.

From the Toledo Blade:

Through an agreement with the Wood County Sheriff’s Office, he was to have been out of the house on U.S. 20 in Stony Ridge by midnight yesterday, but instead, members of the Toledo Foreclosure Defense League, an organization he co-founded, helped seal him inside. A cell phone – and the hole in the front window – are his only means of communication.

Sadler says he wants the bank to work with him, not take his house away. The Sheriff says he has to enforce the law regardless of personal feelings, so he will eventually have to “go there and take possession.”

Sadler and his pals are webcasting from within the house, if you’re bored at work and need some random video footage to watch.

“Man seals self inside foreclosed residence” [Toledo Blade] (Thanks to PJ!)

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