Kmart Rejected My Coupon, Saying Deal Was 'Like Cash for Clunkers'

Andrey tried to use a coupon at a Chicago Kmart but was denied by the manager, who said the funding for the coupon was all used up, like “cash for clunkers.”

Andrey writes:

This past Saturday my mother and I drove to the Kmart on [redacted] St. in Chicago. I knew going in that the coupons have been through media hell and that they were not be used at “all locations” as it stated. However, I read the PR statement Kmart issued on their Facebook page.

The coupon stated that the expiration dates were 5/22. No where did it state “while supplies last” or “maximum 4,000 per store.”

The excuse the store gave us was that this program was “like cash for clunkers” and that the threshold has been reached.

My problem is that no where on the coupon, their site, or Facebook page did Kmart indicate that the coupons have been exhausted. My mother and I would not have wasted our time driving to Kmart nor had we went shopping there if we had some information about the coupon early expiration.

When people were abusing the coupons across the country, Kmart issued a PR statement and posted signs all over the doors and registers.

All they had to do was put a sign at the front door indicating that coupons will no longer be honored and my family would not have wasted our time at their store.

This is why I have not shopped at a Kmart in years.

Way to create a renaissance, Kmart.

-Andrey [redacted], no longer your Facebook friend.

Coupon shenanigans are one way to get un-liked on Facebook, Kmart.

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