Email To Wellpoint CEO Gets Account Issue Fixed

I don’t know what health insurer Wellpoint’s problem is but it seems, judging from the stories our readers keep sending in, that lately you have to email the CEO to get simple account problems fixed. What’s going on in your call centers, Wellpoint? Maybe all the workers have rebelled and decided the best way to promote health care reform is to get all your customers to hate you. Zach was able to get his deductible rolled over, but only after he emailed the very top of the Wellpoint power pyramid, Angela Braly. Here’s his story:

4/27/10 1:35 PM

Hello Angela,

I hope this email finds you well. I have been in the process of a roll over of my deductible for three weeks with Anthem Blue Cross. I have been issued numerous Member ID numbers and made numerous phone calls within the past three weeks; all to try and get my deductible rolled over. At one point I had a new member ID where everything was working fine, then suddenly without notice they terminated that ID and issued me another one with no roll over.

To make a long story short my wife and I work under the same work group and I recently became the primary holder of the account and my wife the secondary. She was originally the primary and I the secondary. I was told numerous times the transition of the rollover would feel seamless. However this has not been the case.

I have made numerous calls to follow up on my questions when I was told someone from Anthem Blue Cross would be contacting me, but I never received a call. My customer experience has been disappointing to say the least. Yesterday, I spoke to someone saying the process would take a month and today someone said the process will take a few days. There has been so many conflicting stories from representatives I have spoken to it is overwhelming and confusing.

Before this situation my experience with Anthem Blue Cross was extremely satisfactory. However, this situation has made me re-evaluate how I see Anthem Blue Cross. If you wish for more information I would welcome the conversation.

Best Regards,

Later that same day…

4/27/10 8:48 PM

After seven hours from emailing the CEO I received a call from the executive customer service line. I then was able to talk to someone who helped me resolve my situation. I’m eternally grateful for Consumerist, without your site I wouldn’t have her email. Without that my situation would still be in dire need. It is amazing to see the progress one can make with an email and a executive who wants to help their consumers.

Thanks again.


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