IHOP Wants To Make You Fat With Cheesecake-Stuffed Pancakes

Apparently jealous of the attention KFC was getting with the Double Down, IHOP (or International House of Pancakes if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) has rolled out Pancake Stackers — a five-layer calorie bomb that dares to sandwich cheesecake between two pancakes.

So yeah, it’s a pancake, then cheesecake (with the crusts cut off), another pancake, then one of the following: strawberries, blueberry or cinnamon apple compote, then whipped cream topping.

Explain your devilish creation, IHOP:

With our latest promotion, IHOP took the value we’re known for and topped it with one of America’s favorite flavors — cheesecake… We’re pleased to offer guests a delicious new way to stack up the fun this spring as they celebrate moms, dads, grads, or just a simple escape from their every day.

The Pancake Stackers are only available through June 20, but only because those of us who choose to eat them will no longer be able to leave the house.

IHOP Layers on the Cheesecake With New Pancake Stackers [Marketwatch]

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