Do Tip Jars Pressure You Into Tipping?

Is that tip cup on the counter at Starbucks staring accusingly at you? Do you feel pressure to pony up 15 percent or more even if your massage was barely adequate? How about that automatic gratuity tacked on? The New York Post is taking a look at “tip-jar madness” — a phenomenon particularly relevant in New York City, where the average tip is 18 percent.

The NYP examines the culture of tipping across the service industry spectrum — at ball games, beauty salons, restaurants, deliveries, bars, taxis, grocery stores and anywhere else someone feeling the economic crunch might want you to hand over a bit extra. It can be tough to know when to tip, who to tip and whether or not a tip is already included. But does a gaping tip cup make it even harder to forgo tipping?

Tip-jar madness takes city [New York Post]

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