I Paid For One-Day Shipping At Walmart, Got TV A Week Later

Matt says he sprung $40 for 1-day shipping for his TV but didn’t get it until a week later. When he complained he got nonsense about processing time.

He writes:

I ordered a TV from Walmart.com around 7pm Monday (4/19), even paying an extra 40 to get 1-day shipping. I figured it would get here about Wednesday. The next day, my order now said it was “processing”, but was listed as expecting to arrive Wednesday or Thursday. Cut to evening on Thursday and no tv, and it still says processing. I email Walmart.com “support” for answers. I get a seemingly non-automated response informing me that I must add the processing time to the expected delivery time, and processing can take anywhere from 24-48 hrs.

Okay, so it was processing Tuesday and Wednesday, now maybe it will get here Friday? No. It didn’t come. However, FedEx.com now listed my order as “Info received,” but not shipped. I call FedEx, they tell me they’ve only got a label, but haven’t gotten anything to ship. I e-mail Walmart.com with an understandably annoyed letter explaining the situation and how I wanted my 1-day shipping money back. No dice. A few hours later and I get almost the exact same e-mail I did the first time, the key difference now being that it did say “sending you this automated message.” Do real people not work at Walmart.com?

I had to get in touch with you. I would love to carpet bomb, but can’t find e-mail addresses. Hopefully you can help me before my TV gets here…FedEx says Monday is when it will, but Walmart.com isn’t giving up on a few days ago. I guess they have a time machine.

What would you do in Matt’s situation?

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