Fan Who Was Tossed Out Of Angels Game Plays Race Card

A Hispanic Yankees fan who was thrown out of a game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim says a security guard got racial when he threw him out but let his non-Hispanic friend stay in the ballpark, NBC News reports:

Jose Gonzalez said he wanted to know why Galgano got the boot.

‘The usher looked at me and said, ‘You don’t speak English, get the f— out,” Gonzalez said… in English. ‘He then looked at my wife and said, ‘You look like you speak English, why are you with them?”

The Angels say they are investigating the incident but have already decided the usher was “100 percent in the wrong.”

Gonzalez must have thought for a moment that he was in Arizona.

Yankee fan alleges racism at Angel Stadium [NBC News via The Orange County Register]
(Thanks, Brett!)

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