U.S. Airways Opts To Stay Single, Ends Merger Talks With United

Looks like you should return that toaster oven you were going to give U.S. Airways and United Airlines for their merger, because the two carriers have stopped talking to each other after four months of heavy flirting.

Said U.S. Airways’ chief executive Doug Parker:

We have recently held discussions with United Airlines regarding a possible combination between our two airlines. After an extensive review and careful consideration, our Board of Directors has decided to discontinue those discussions.

But that doesn’t mean that U.S. Airways wants to remain a swingin’ single forever.

“It remains our belief that consolidation makes sense in an industry as fragmented as ours,” said Parker. “Whether we participate or not, consolidation that leads to a more efficient industry better able to withstand economic volatility, global competition, and the cyclical nature of our industry is a positive one.”

US Airways halts merger talks with United [CNNmoney.com]

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