Man Sentenced To 12 Months For Stealing Buns From Burger King

A fellow in the UK was recently sentenced to 12 months in the clink after using a broom handle to heist a bag of burger buns from his local Burger King.

With a deadly broom handle at the ready, the master criminal talked his way into a then-closed BK and, say the local police, threatened a staff member “he would hit him with the broom handle unless he stayed still… Fearing he would be hurt, the member of staff complied, at which point [the robber] snatched a nearby bag of burger buns and fled.”

The absolute inanity of the theft wasn’t lost on the police:

Why he felt the need to intimidate and threaten someone to that extent simply for a bag of burger buns is beyond comprehension and we welcome the one year prison sentence handed down to him.

The robber entered guilty pleas to charges of robbery, possession of an offensive weapon, and obstructing police.

Croydon Burger King bun robber jailed [Croydon Guardian]

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